Digital Circuit Breakers

Control, Measure, Protect and Communicate.

"Smart circuit-breakers for energy-efficient homes"

The old fuse box gets a new lease of life

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Manetos Digital Circuit Breaker


Disrupting a 186 year old industry

The first fuse was invented in 1831 and even today all fuses and miniature circuit breakers (MCB) are fully mechanical devices. Despite being the entry point to all electricity in a building they have one sole task, that is improving security and protecting electrical circuits.

Manetos digital MCB replaces the mechanics with electronics.

  • It is safer as electronics breaks +1000 times faster.

  • For the first time MCBs can be used also to control, measure, and communicate with all devices and systems in a building.

  • This opens up for disruptive services that benefit consumers, utilities and grid owners.


  • Security: The digital circuit breaker improves safety by breaking faster and more secure. Autonomous breaking at a speed of 250 ns, more than 1000x faster than mechanical.

  • Connected: Internet connected through PLC communication to Gateway.

  • Communication: communication function of the digital MCB allows sharing of important data, such as power consumption and system reliability, directly with the smart grid protocols and other protocols.

  • Measure: Integrated controller that measures and records energy usage in real time. Resolution down to half sinus period (metering) - 100 current values / s

  • Control: Remote control via your phone. Fully OTA enabled (software controllable remotely). Handles modulating control simply by removing load per sinus periods.